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How many times have you gone to a networking meeting and not gotten a lead for your business?

Thanks to our modern tech tools, AI, and fabulous group of givers, this never has to happen again! From now on when you attend a networking event with the Calgary Business Network and CIBN Connect you can expect to:

  • Connect with members immediately on LinkedIn

  • ​See the members and more importantly who the members are already doing business with.

  • Ask for the targeted connection that you need and get direct access to your best prospect!


What Is Included In This Special Offer?

One year's online membership includes weekly Calgary meetings and worldwide $924 Value

One year's in person membership $697

Access to the CIBN Video Portal With Business Courses $8000 Value

In person meetings including the food in the Calgary Market $720 Value

One done for you promotional video from Exposure Video $750 Value

100 Industry leads with contact information $350 Value

Attend Sales Pitch training to perfect your pitch for 30 days $200 Value

Additional help from the Calgary team during onboarding!

All for $1397 CAD Or Make 3 Easy Payments!


We are the most effective NETWORKING GROUP in this city

We have fun, and we get business done. You are encouraged to sell and promote your offers. Everyone in our organization is all in for giving and receiving leads and our tech is top notch to get it done!

Targeted Solutions

Use the CIBN Connect Connection Extension to meet exactly who you need to meet. Select the highest priority connections because they are clearly ranked according to the priorities that you selected in the Match Me feature of the tool.

Get More Appointments

Always book a meeting in the meeting and move forward in the sales process. After meetings connect with those whom you have met on LinkedIn and use the eyeball under their profile to see who they know that you need to know.

Convert To Sales

Networking works great as a lead generator, but leads will only help you if you can get the appointment and land the sale. That is why we are including 30 days of Sales Pitch for those who jump on this offer. We want to be sure that you can capitalize on the leads that you get from the network.

Join a group that has everything included in one singular offer. CIBN Connect was created in Calgary, AB and has been serving Calgarians since it's inception. Our local advantage gives you exactly what you need to thrive in our community and they keep giving more and more value.

"There are methods of networking that make the experience very profitable. Professional networkers know these methods and employ them. They make networking look simple. Amateur networkers fail when they hold on to mistaken beliefs and destructive habits coupled with poor skills. At CIBN Connect we want to make sure that everyone figures out the processes that work." ~ Kerry George, CEO

Something Different, Something New

We are a new way of doing modern networking, taking all of the best features from traditional methods and adding the technology and tools needed for your success!

Trusted by the experts

What Customers Are Saying

Meet a few of our local members and hear what their experiences have been.

"Fabulous Networking And Great Support!"

"Where do I even begin with CIBN Connect. Wow. I started with them a few years ago during the pandemic and whether it is online or in person this group rocks!"

"Thanks to the support that I have been given, I have completely overhauled my business. I have learned to network and get appointments. The courses at CIBN have helped me learn to sell, even though I am an introvert and a great grandmother. I can't say enough about the training and the people. I love the Chrome Extension. This is all that I use to get business."

"I don't know where you are networking, but I would look no further than this group. It has been getting better and better every year, and they have invested a lot into our success!"


Darlene Petrie

"I Am Totally Satisfied"

"I have been networking in the Calgary space for more than 35 years. I would not keep doing it, if it didn't work. Frankly, networking is the only form of marketing that I have ever used consistently because it has the highest rate of return, and nobody does it better than this group! They come from Calgary so they get what we need, and they respond to the ever-changing market."


Sid Helischauer

"Amazing Group Of Professionals"

"I drive from Rocky Mountain House to the in-person meetings. That is how good they are! I have learned more in the last three years about business being part of CIBN Connect than I learned in 30 years out on my own. There is nobody who cares about local entrepreneurs more than this group!"


Michelle Phillips-Nystrom

Office: 1609 14th Street SW

Call 403-397-1909

Site: www.calgarybusinessnetwork.ca

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